January Goals

These are my January Goals, things that by the time I go to sleep on January 31st, 2012, I have completed, achieved, actualized, began.

- Kitchen: Full rub down, SOS'd, scrubbed, scraped, reorganized, douched, doused, bleached, blown up and put back together, dissected. I want to be able to eat avocado off the floor and spaghetti out of the crack between my fridge and stove.

  • january 8th - cleaned fridge and reorganized everything in there
    • still need to do door grooves and bottom grate
    • (haven't even thought about the the freezer...groan)  

- Nightstand:  Sounds easy enough, I know, that's why it's on here, it sounds easy enough and yet after six months of living here I haven't taken anything off it. Just continued to add junk, garbage, jewelery, and unused book after book on to it. My unread book pile is so high on that stand that my reading lamp is now almost knocked right over. 

- Books: Which brings me to a grey area. Do I say 'finish a book before the end of the month', finish 'at least two books by the end of the month', 'start a book by the end of the month'? You see the problem is that I don't read anymore, and I don't write and yet I can not seem to find where the time went when I used to do these things. I am not particularly busy, yes I have my own home to look after and yes I have a partner now but what difference do these things make. There are still the same amount of hours in a day....but here I am wasting time wondering where my time goes when I could be sitting in my reading chair, in my reading corner, reading. So, by January 31st, I would like to break my bed time habit of Spider Solitaire, and Pinterest, and would like to be half way through East of Eden by John Steinbeck, which I started the other night.

- Exercise: Considering we are nine days in and I haven't yet put on my runners, or my the new hiking shoes my boyfriend got me for Christmas, I am still working out the finer details of this one. I am impatiently awaiting this in the mail, though it is being shipped by UPS, who I know this guy LOVES, and is said to arrive at my door on the 11th. 

Due to my inability to leave the house, call it laziness if you like, I'm still not sure it isn't, I look forward to an ass kicking workout I can do in my own home. Thirty minutes I have so I will start with this. As of now, not knowing when I will receive it, I can not really set out a 'must do 6 times a week or at least 20 times before the 31st.' Once I've gotten it, checked it out, I will report back and update this.

- Eating Well: Check out my Food Diary and also nom nom where I will share favourite recipes and talk about my January Goal of cooking at least five meals out of the Crazy Plates cook book.

And last but not least, taking care of my mental health. When I joke up there about not being able to leave my house, it's not so much a joke as it is a reality. Yes I leave the house and go to work, yes I occasionally leave the house to go to my parents, sometimes I go to the grocery store, yesterday I went to look at diamonds with my mom, sometimes I even go to the pub. Most of these times I am given ample time to work it through,  to prepare, motivate, and leave not even a second to spare, often making me late for all these things. It is also not a joke when I say it might all be laziness, I don't know. I suppose this has been the battle my whole life. Sometimes I am lazy, sometimes I'm not. Sometimes it is laziness, sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's a lack of caring, like perhaps going to visit friends or family, though I do care, it isn't that I don't care, it's almost like I can't. Sometimes I lack even the ability to care, I guess. Wow, that just came up and out. It really isn't that I don't care it's that I can't?

That just opened a whole new can of worms, and here I was about to talk about laziness and how I have Swifter wet wipes and boxes of Kleenex in my trunk, less than fifty feet away, that I need to go get but can not think of what to put on to go out there and get them.

I have in my purse a new prescription for anti depressants. Back in October I had a full blown melt down and finally my doctor and I both caved to the reality that it was no longer a battle I could fight on my own. The pills I was prescribed then made me too sick and I wasn't able to take them. Since, I have been prescribed different pills but have yet to get them. Perhaps this should be my number one focus, perhaps I should make it a goal to at least get the pills by the end of January, I do not have to commit to taking them, but perhaps just to have them will be the best step I am willing to take at this time.

Wish me luck!!